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Aircraft Carrier Locations
Air Wing
Locations and Remarks
CVN-68 Nimitz
( NH )
Home Port : Kitsap-Bremerton, WA.
Back log
01Jun2017, departed Bremerton
01Jun-03Jun2017, EastPac
04Jun2017, San Diego, embarked the aviation squadrons of CVW-11
05Jun2017, departed San Diego
05Jun-16Jun2017, EastPac
17Jun-20Jun2017, Hawaii Operating Area, off the coast of Oahu
entered the U.S. 7th Fleet Area of Operations (AOO)
21Jun-27Jun2017, U.S. 7th Fleet AOO
28Jun-02Jul2017, Philippine Sea
03Jul2017, transited the Surigao Strait southbound
03Jul-04Jul2017, Sulu Sea
05Jul-06Jul2017, South China Sea
06Jul2017, transited the Singapore Strait westbound
07Jul2017, transited the Strait of Malacca
07Jul-08Jul2017, Bay of Bengal
anchored off the coast of Chennai, India
for the exercise Malabar 2017 in-port portions
with the Indian Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
exercise Malabar 2017 in the Bay of Bengal
with the Indian Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
17Jul2017, completed exercise Malabar 2017
18Jul2017, Bay of Bengal
Jul.19, 2017
CVN-69 Dwight D. Eisenhower
( AC )
Home Port : Norfolk, VA.
Back log
20Jun2017, departed Norfolk
20Jun-27Jun2017, WestLant
Halifax, Nova Scotia,
to celebrate the 150th Canada Day celebration
06Jul2017, WestLant
07Jul2017, returned to Norfolk
08Jul2017, friends and family day cruise
Jul.12, 2017
CVN-70 Carl Vinson
( NE )
Home Port : San Diego, CA.
Back log
departed San Diego
for a regularly-scheduled deployment to the Western Pacific
05Jan-19Jan2017, EastPac
20Jan-09Feb2017, WestPac
10Feb-13Feb2017, Apra Harbor, Naval Base Guam
14Feb-17Feb2017, Philippine Sea
18Feb-06Mar2017, South China Sea
07Mar-10Mar2017, East China Sea
11Mar-14Mar2017, waters east of the Korean peninsula
15Mar-19Mar2017, Busan, Republic of Korea
20Mar-25Mar2017, Sea of Japan
26Mar-29Mar2017, East China Sea
30Mar-03Apr2017, South China Sea
04Apr-07Apr2017, Changi Naval Base, Singapore
08Apr-14Apr2017, South China Sea
15Apr2017, transited the Sunda Strait
16Apr-18Apr2017, northwest coast of Australia, Indian Ocean
19Apr2017, transited the Sunda Strait
19Apr-20Apr2017, Java Sea
21Apr2017, Celebes Sea
22Apr-25Apr2017, Philippine Sea
26Apr-28Apr2017, in the local waters off Okinawa, Japan, WestPac
29Apr2017, East China Sea
29Apr2017, transited the Korean Strait
29Apr-01Jun2017, Sea of Japan
U.S. Dual-Carrier Operations in the Sea of Japan,
with Japan Maritime Self Defense Force
02Jun2017, transited the Korean Strait
03Jun-08Jun2017, eastern sea of Okinawa, Japan
09Jun-13Jun2017, U.S. 7th Fleet Area of Operations
14Jun-17Jun2017, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaiii
18Jun-22Jun2017, EastPac
23Jun2017, returned to San Diego
Jun.28, 2017
CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt
( NA )
Home Port : San Diego, CA.
Back log
08Apr2017, departed San Diego
Tailored Ship's Training Availability
and Final Evaluation Period (TSTA/FEP),
off the coast of southern California
13May2017, returned to San Diego
21Jun2017, departed San Diego
FRS carrier qualifications off the coast of southern California
28Jun2017, returned to San Diego
Jul.5, 2017
CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln
( AG )
Home Port : Norfolk, VA.
Back log
01Jun2017, departed Norfolk
CVW-7 carrier qualifications and flight deck certification,
off the coast of North Carolina
12Jun2017, returned to Norfolk
Jun.14, 2017
CVN-73 George Washington
Home Port : Norfolk, VA.
Back log (Jul1992-Aug2008)
Home Port : Yokosuka, Japan
Back log (Aug2008-Aug2015)
Home Port : Norfolk, VA.
Back log (Aug2015-Present)
30Nov2016, departed Norfolk
FRS carrier qualifications off the Virginia coast
17Dec2016, returned to Norfolk
finished the Shipboard Consolidated Offload and Outfitting Plan (SCOOP),
in preparation for RCOH
-------[ RCOH Schedule ]-------------------------
48-month RCOH maintenance will be started
May 10, 2017
CVN-74 John C. Stennis
( NG )
Home Port : Kitsap-Bremerton, WA.
Back log
entered Planned Incremental Availability (PIA)
at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
and Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PSNS & IMF)
-------[ PIA Schedule ]-------------------------
Aug2017, PIA is scheduled to be completed
May 10, 2017
CVN-75 Harry S. Truman
( AB )
Home Port : Norfolk, VA.
Back log
entered the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, Va.,
for 11-month Planned Incremental Availability (PIA)
May 10, 2017
CVN-76 Ronald Reagan
( NF )
Home Port : San Diego, CA.
Back log (Jul2003-Aug2015)
Home Port : Yokosuka, Japan
Back log (Aug2015-Present)
16May2017, departed Yokosuka
17May-22May2017, Carrier Qualifications off the coast of Japan
23May-30May2017, off the coast of Japan
31May2017, transited the Tsugaru Strait westbound
31May-01Jun2017, Sea of Japan
U.S. Dual-Carrier Operations in the Sea of Japan,
with Japan Maritime Self Defense Force
02Jun-04Jun2017, Sea of Japan
05Jun2017, transited the Korean Strait
06Jun-09Jun2017, eastern sea of Okinawa, Japan
10Jun-11Jun2017, Philippine Sea
12Jun2017, transited the Luzon Strait
12Jun-16Jun2017, South China Sea
17Jun-20Jun2017, RSS Singapura
21Jun-07Jul2017, South China Sea
participated in exercise Talisman Saber 2017
off the coast of Australia, Coral Sea
Jul.19, 2017
CVN-77 George H.W. Bush
( AJ )
Home Port : Norfolk, VA.
Back log
departed Norfolk for a scheduled Middle East deployment
21Jan-28Jan2017, Lant
entered the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations
29Jan-01Feb2017, EastLant
transited the Strait of Gibraltar
02Feb-05Feb2017, Med
06Feb-10Feb2017, Souda Bay, Crete, Greece
11Feb-24Feb2017, Med
25Feb-04Mar2017, Souda Bay, Crete, Greece
05Mar-09Mar2017, Med
transited the Suez Canal, and entered the 5th Fleet AOO
10Mar-12Mar2017, Red Sea
13Mar-20Mar2017, North Arabian Sea
21Mar2017, transited the Strait of Hormuz
21Mar-11Apr2017, Persian Gulf
12Apr-15Apr2017, Khalifa Bin Salman Port, Kingdom of Bahrain
16Apr-13May2017, Persian Gulf
13May-16May2017, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
17May-28Jun2017, Persian Gulf
29May2017, transited the Strait of Hormuz
29May-01Jun2017, North Arabian Sea
02Jun-04Jun2017, Red Sea
transited the Suez Canal, and entered the 6th Fleet AOO
05Jun-30Jun2017, Med
01Jul-04Jul2017, anchored off the coast of Haifa, Israel
05Jul-18Jul2017, Med
Jul.19, 2017
Aircraft Carrier Locations (Constructed and Proposed)
CVN-78 Gerald R. Ford Actual construction is to begin in 3 January 2007
at Northrop Grumman Corp.'s Newport News shipyard.

An amendment added
to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2007
proposes that CVN-78,
the first ship in the CVN-78 class,
be named for the 38th president "Gerald Ford"
The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)
and the Program Executive Officer (PEO)
held a signature and awards ceremony
at the Washington Navy Yard
to commemorate the certification
of the ship specifications
held the official naming ceremony
of the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78),
the first aircraft carrier in the Ford class of carriers
The Navy awarded Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding
a $5.1 billion contract to begin construction
the keel laying and authentication ceremony
The final keel section,
680-metric-ton, 60-foot-tall lower bow unit
was joined to the other keel sections
and was the last major section of the ship installed
below the waterline
welded a time capsule inside the flight deck control room
flooded Dry Dock 12
to float the first in USS Gerald R. Ford
held a christening ceremony
at Huntington Ingalls Newport News Shipbuilding
in Newport News
launch and transit to Newport News Shipyard pier 3
for the final stages of construction and testing
completed 22 no-load tests
of Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS)
departed Huntington Ingalls Industries - Newport News Shipbuilding
Builder's Sea Trials, off the coast of North Carolina
14Apr2017, returned to Norfolk
24May2017, departed Norfolk
acceptance trials by the Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV)
in the Atlantic Ocean
26May2017, returned to Norfolk
31May2017, delivered to the Navy
-------[ Schedule ]-------------------------
Summer 2017, commission the ship into the fleet
Jun.7, 2017
CVN-79 John F. Kennedy
Northrop Grumman Newport News shipyard
received a $374 million cost type contract award
for construction preparation of the CVN-79
"First Cut of Steel" ceremony
at Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding Newport News
proposed budget being considered by Congress
would change that date
to September 2022 from September 2020
$4 billion construction contract could be delayed a year
Instead, the Navy will pay an additional $296 million
to extend a 2010 advanced construction contract
-------[ Schedule ]-------------------------
FY2013 : the full scale construction contract is expected to begin
FY2018 : Launched
FY2022 : Commissioned
Aug.6, 2014
CVN-80 Enterprise -------[ Schedule ]-------------------------
FY2018 : Laid down
FY2023 : Launched
FY2025 : Commissioned
FY2027 : replace CVN-68 Nimitz
Dec.5, 2012
Aircraft Carrier Locations (Retired)
CV-63 Kitty Hawk Back log
decommissioning ceremony
at Naval Base Kitsap Pier D in Bremerton
decommissioned at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
& Intermediate Maintenance Facility in Bremerton
May 20, 2009
CV-64 Constellation Back log
07Aug2003, decommissioned at San Diego
departed San Diego
late Sep. 2003,
arrived at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton for mothballed
departed Bremerton under tow
arrived at International Shipbreaking Ltd, Brownsville, TX.,
began the deconstruction process
the last piece of the vessel was removed
Jun.14, 2017
CVN-65 Enterprise Back log
inactivation ceremony at Naval Station Norfolk
final homecoming
to Newport News Shipbuilding for inactivation
decommissioned at Newport News Shipbuilding
Feb.15, 2017
CV-67 John F. Kennedy Back log
decommissioned at Naval Station Mayport
formally decommissioned at Naval Station Norfolk

towed into the Port of Philadelphia
at the Navy Inactive Ships Maintenance Facility
Mar.26, 2008

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