Last update on Jan.25, 2017
Aircraft Carrier Locations

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) / CVW-5(NF)
Home Port : Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan
Locations and Remarks
10Aug-25Aug2015, hull swap with USS George Washington (CVN 73) at San Diego
26Aug2015, departed San Diego
26Aug-28Aug2015, off the coast of southern California
29Aug2015, returned to San Diego
31Aug2015, departed San Diego for Yokosuka, Japan
31Aug-09Sep2015, EastPac
10Sep-16Sep2015, waters off the coast of Hawaii
17Sep2015, entered the 7th Fleet area of operations
18Sep-30Sep2015, WestPac
01Oct2015, pulled into new homeport Yokosuka
15Oct2015, departed Yokosuka
16Oct-17Oct2015, local waters off Japan
participated in JMSDF International Fleet Review
19Oct-21Oct2015, local waters off Japan
22Oct2015, anchored Busan, Republic of Korea
participated in Republic of Korea Fleet Review
24Oct-29Oct2015, WestPac
30Oct-03Nov2015, Busan, Republic of Korea
04Nov-15Nov2015, WestPac
participated in Annual Exercise (ANNUALEX) 2015
in waters and air space around Japan and East China Sea
24Nov-02Dec2015, local waters off Japan
03Dec2015, returned to Yokosuka
Selective Restricted Availability (SRA) in homeport of Fleet Activities Yokosuka (FAY)

09May2016, departed Yokosuka
09May-12May2016, sea trials and ammo onload
13May2016, returned to Yokosuka
31May2016, departed Yokosuka
01Jun2016, returned to Yokosuka
04Jun2016, departed Yokosuka
04Jun-12Jun2016, local waters off Japan
13Jun-17Jun2016, East China Sea
JCS CSG and RR CSG Double Down in east of Okinawa, Japan
20Jun-30Jun2016, East China Sea
01Jul-20Jul2016, South China Sea
21Jul-25Jul2016, local waters off Japan
26Jul2016, returned to Yokosuka
18Aug2016, departed Yokosuka
18Aug-19Aug2016, Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV)
19Aug2016, returned to Yokosuka
28Aug2016, departed Yokosuka to evade Typhoon 12W LIONROCK
28Aug-30Aug2016, WestPac
31Aug2016, returned to Yokosuka
03Sep2016, departed Yokosuka
03Sep-06Sep2016, local waters off Japan
07Sep-11Sep2016, WestPac
exercise Valiant Shield 2016, Guam and around the Marianas Island Range
24Sep-27Sep2016, Apra Harbor, Naval Base Guam
28Sep-09Oct2016, WestPac
10Oct-15Oct2016, waters east and west of the Korean Peninsula
16Oct-20Oct2016, Busan, Republic of Korea
21Oct-20Nov2016, WestPac
21Nov2016, returned to Yokosuka