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Aircraft Carrier Locations
USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)

CVW-14 (NK)
Locations and Remarks
Home Port : Everett (Wash.)
11Jun1998, departed Everett
16Jun-17Jun17 1998, San Diego, CA.
22Jun1998, north of Hawaii Is.
29Jun-03Jul1998, WestPac
04Jul-09Jul1998, Hong Kong
10Jul-12Jul1998, South China Sea
13Jul-18Jul1998, Singapore
19Jul1998, passed through the Malacca Str.
20Jul-21Jul1998, Indian Ocean
22Jul-23Jul1998, Arabian Sea
24Jul1998, entered Persian Gulf
24Jul-09Aug1998, Persian Gulf
10Aug-15Aug1998, Jebel Ali, UAE
16Aug-17Sep1998, Persian Gulf
18Sep-22Sep1998, Jebel Ali, UAE
23Sep-01Oct1998, Persian Gulf
02Oct-06Oct1998, Jebel Ali, UAE
07Oct-16Oct1998, Persian Gulf
17Oct-21Oct1998, Jebel Ali, UAE
21Oct1998, left Persian Gulf
CVW-14 had 1,855 sorties in the Persian Gulf
22Oct-26Oct1998, Arabian Sea
27Oct-02Nov1998, Indian Ocean
03Nov-08Nov1998, Perth, Australia
09Nov-11Nov1998, south ocean of Australia
12Nov-17Nov1998, Hobart, Australia
18Nov-19Nov1998, east ocean of Australia
20Nov-22Nov1998, South Pac.
23Nov1998, crossed equator at the international date line
24Nov1998, south of Johnston Is.
25Nov1998, near Johnston Is.
26Nov1998, southwest of Hawaii Is.
27Nov-01Dec1998, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
02Dec-06Dec1998, 1st Tiger Cruise
07Dec-08Dec1998, San Diego, CA.
08Dec-10Dec1998, 2nd Tiger Cruise
11Dec1998, returned to Everett
Jun.1998-Dec.1998, WestPac/Gulf deployment,
CVW-14 had 1,855 sorties in the Persian Gulf

31Mar1999, entered to Puget Sound Naval Shipyardfor maintenance of 6month shipyard period
16Jun1999, shipyard maintenance completed
28Jun1999, EastPac
Inlate Jul.1999, one third of CVN-72 crewmembers began to move back
15Sep1999, departed Puget Sound for sea trials
20Sep1999, returned directly to Everett
05Oct1999, departed Everett
Oct.1999, CVW-14 arrived on board shortly before air operationsresume
09Oct-12Oct1999, Fleet Week activities in San Francisco
entered the San Francisco Bay passing under the Golden Gate Bridge in the Annual Fleet Week
12Oct1999, left San Francisco
08Nov-22Nov1999, EastPac
21Nov1999, San Diego
Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) off the southern California coast
01Feb-22Feb2000, EastPac
16Feb-22Feb2000, Santa Barbara, CA.
Carrier Qualifications for FA-18E/F of VFA-122 off the coast of Southern California
10Apr2000, San Diego, CA.
13Apr-17Apr2000, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
15May-23May2000, EastPac, transit to a multinational exercise as RIMPAC2000 near Hawaii.
30May2000, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
05Jun-15Jun2000, underway RIMPAC2000
19Jun-26Jun2000, Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX) near the Hawaii Is.
01Jul2000, returned to Everett
17Aug2000, departed Everett for a six-month WestPac/Gulf deployment
20Aug2000, departed San Diego
21Aug2000, Carrier Qualifications off the coast of Southern California
26Aug-28Aug2000, conducted an anti-submarine exercise at Pacific Missile Range Facility, Hawaii
07Sep2000, WestPac
11Sep2000, Southeast of Philippines, WestPac
14Sep2000, off the eastern coast of Malaysia, WestPac
18Sep2000, transited the Strait of Malacca to the northern passage
19Sep-20Sep2000, Indian Ocean
22Sep-23Sep2000, Arabian Sea
24Sep2000, entered the Persian Gulf and relieved CVN-73 in support of Operation Southern Watch
24Sep-03Oct2000, Persian Gulf
04Oct2000-08Oct2000, Jebel Ali, UAE
16Oct-22Dec2000, Persian Gulf
23Dec-26Dec2000, Jebel Ali, UAE
26Dec-28Dec2000, Persian Gulf
29Dec2000, last flight operations in the Persian Gulf
02Jan2001, support of "Operation Southern Watch" was relieved by CVN-75 Harry S. Truman
03Jan2001, Arabian Sea
08Jan2001, off the west coast of Australia, Indian Ocean
12Jan-16Jan2001, Fremantle, Australia
17Jan-20Jan2001, off the south coast of Australia
21Jan-25Jan2001, Hobart, Tasmania
09Feb2001, San Diego
10Feb-11Feb2001, "Tiger Cruise"
12Feb2001, returned to Everett
23Mar-26Mar2001, Victoria, Canada
26Mar2001, EastPac
entered the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
for a 6-month maintenance and upgrade period by Phased Incremental Availability (PIA)
09Oct2001, left Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, and returned to homeport Everett
15Oct2001, began sea trials after finished PIA on Oct. 9
13Nov2001, EastPac
Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) off the Southern California operating area
19Mar-22Mar2002, EastPac
14Apr2002, departed Everett
15Apr-19Apr2002, Carrier Qualification for CVW-14 off the coast of San Diego, EastPac
21Apr2002, Northern Edge 2002 Exercise in the Gulf of Alaska
23Apr2002, anchored Valdez, AK for a port call
27Apr2002, Northern Edge 2002 Exercise in the Gulf of Alaska
03May-13May2002, Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX) off the coast of Eastern Pacific
14May2002, returned to Everett
20Jul2002, departed Everett for a six-month overseas deployment
22Jul-23Jul2002, San Diego
24Jul2002, departed San Diego
01Aug2002, arrived at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
03Aug2002, departed Pearl Harbor
16Aug-18Aug2002, Sasebo, Japan
19Aug2002, departed Sasebo, Japapn
23Aug-26Aug2002, Hong Kong
27Aug2002, departed Hong Kong
on stationed at the North Arabian Sea to support Operation Enduring Freedom,
and will join the George Washington Battle Group
11Sep-26Sep2002, Operation Enduring Freedom in the North Arabian Sea
conducting combat operations in support of Operation Southern Watch in the Persian Gulf
12Dec2002, turned over duties in the Persian Gulf to the Constellation Battle Group
15Dec2002, left the 5th Fleet operating area
22Dec-28Dec2002, Fremantle, Australia
29Dec2002, departed Fremantle
has been ordered to remain on deployment,
and will not return to homeport at 20 January as previously scheduled.
03Jan2003, WestPac
arrived in Fremantle, Australia to conduct routine maintenance,
primarily preservation of flight deck.
06Jan-19Jan2003, Fremantle, Australia
20Jan2003, departed Fremantle
20Jan-29Jan2003, in the Seventh Fleet Area of Responsibility (WestPac and Indian Ocean)
01Feb2003, re-entered the North Arabian Sea
01Feb-09Feb2003, North Arabian Sea
11Feb2003, entered Persian Gulf
11Feb-09Apr2003, Persian Gulf
07Apr2003, transferred equipments from CVN-72 to CVN-68
08Apr2003, have been relieved in support of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" by CVN-68
09Apr2003, left the Persian Gulf
10Apr-11Apr2003, North Arabian Sea
13Apr-15Apr2003, Indian Ocean
16Apr-17Apr2003, South China Sea
18Apr2003, Philippine Sea
21Apr-25Apr2003, Pac
26Apr2003, arrived in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
27Apr2003, departed Pearl Harbor for San Diego
28Apr-01May2003, EastPac
02May2003, pulled into San Diego to disembark CVW-14
03May2003, departed San Diego
03May-05May2003, EastPac
06May2003, returned to home port Everett
entered the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
for a 10 1/2 months of maintenance and repairs,
DPIA (Drydocking Planned Incremental Availability)
CVW-2 (NE)
Locations and Remarks
Home Port : Everett (Wash.)
02Jun-04Jun2004, EastPac
07Jun2004, San Diego
08Jun-30Jun2004, EastPac
13Jul-14Jul2004, EastPac
15Jul-16Jul2004, Victoria, B.C., Canada
03Aug-16Aug2004, EastPac
17Aug-18Aug2004, San Diego
19Aug-15Sep2004, EastPac
15Oct2004, departed Everett for a four-month WestPac deployment
16Oct-18Oct2004, San Diego
19Oct2004, departed San Diego
19Oct-21Oct2004, EastPac
25Oct-04Nov2004, Pac
05Nov-08Nov2004, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
09Nov-19Nov2004, Pac
22Nov-24Nov2004, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
29Nov-03Dec2004, Pac
04Dec-23Dec2004, WestPac
24Dec-27Dec2004, Hong Kong
departed Hong Kong,
and headed to Indian Ocean regions devastated by earthquakes and Tunami
28Dec-29Dec2004, South China Sea
30Dec2004-03Jan2005, Java Sea, support of Tsunami Relief Efforts
04Jan-02Feb2005, Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean, support of Tsunami Relief Efforts
03Feb2005, headed out of Indonesian waters
04Feb-07Feb2005, Changi Naval Base, Singapore
08Feb-09Feb2005, South China Sea
10Feb-22Feb2005, Pac
23Feb2005, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
24Feb-28Feb2005, Pac
01Mar2005, San Diego
02Mar-03Mar2005, Pac
04Mar2005, returned to Everett
strike group aircraft flew 1,747 missions in support of Operation Unified Assistance,
carried about 5.7 million pounds of supplies, including 16,308 gallons of water,
and transported 3,043 passengers.

01Jun2005, departed Everett for readiness training in support of Fleet Response Plan
01Jun-16Jun2005, Pac
17Jun2005, San Diego
20Jun-22Jun2005, EastPac, readiness training in support of Fleet Response Plan
14Jul2005, EastPac
08Sep2005, departed Everett for readiness training in support of Fleet Response Plan
08Sep-20Sep2005, EastPac
21Sep2005, San Diego
22Sep-23Sep2005, EastPac
26Sep2005, prepares to dock at homeport of Everett
19Oct2005, departed Everett
carrier qualifications
for the west coast Fleet Replacement Squadrons and CVW-2 squadrons,
and Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX) off the coast of Southern California
weekend of liberty and Veterans Day celebrations in the port of San Francisco
14Nov-15Nov2005, EastPac
16Nov2005, returned to Everett
05Jan-06Jan2006, EastPac
09Jan-10Jan2006, Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) at San Diego
11Jan2006, EastPac
12Jan-13Jan2006, San Diego
14Jan-25Jan2006, EastPac
26Jan2006, returned to Everett
departed Everett for a six-month deployment
in support of Maritime Security Operations (MSO) and the global war on terrorism
27Feb-28Feb2006, EastPac
01Mar-02Mar2006, San Diego
03Mar-25Mar2006, Pac
26Mar-03Apr2006, Sea of Japan
04Apr2006, East China Sea
05Apr2006, South China Sea
06Apr-09Apr2006, Hong Kong, China
10Apr-17Apr2006, South China Sea
18Apr-19Apr2006, Gulf of Thailand
20Apr-23Apr2006, Laem Chebang, Thailand
24Apr-26Apr2006, Gulf of Thailand
27Apr-30Apr2006, Changi Naval Base, Singapore
01May-18May2006, South China Sea
19May2006, Philippine Sea
22May-24May2006, WestPac
25May-28May2006, Sasebo, Japan
29May-09Jun2006, WestPac
10Jun-14Jun2006, Passing Exercise (PASSEX) with the JMSDF in the WestPac
15Jun2006, WestPac
16Jun-18Jun2006, Guam operating area
Exercise "Valiant Shield 2006" with the CV-63 and the CVN-76 in the Guam operating area
24Jun-26Jun2006, WestPac
27Jun2006, entered the U.S. 3rd Fleet area of responsibility
27Jun-29Jun2006, Pac
30Jun2006, visited Pearl Harbor before participating in the RIMPAC 2006
30Jun-04Jul2006, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
departed Pearl Harbor to participate in several weeks of training and exercises
as part of RIMPAC 2006
06Jul-27Jul2006, RIMPAC 2006 in the Hawaiian Operating Area
28Jul2006, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
departed Pearl Harbor for the return trip to San Diego and the homecoming of CVW-2,
and then, will proceed to homeport of Everett
29Jul-03Aug2006, "Tiger Cruise" in the Pac
04Aug-05Aug2006, San Diego
06Aug-07Aug2006, EastPac
08Aug2006, returned to Everett
CVN-72 safely navigated more than 41,000 nautical miles,
CVW-2 flew 7,871 sorties with 7,578 catapult launches,
during this Western Pacific deployment

arrived at Naval Base Kitsap in Bremerton
for Drydock Planned Incremental Availability (DPIA) at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
26Jun2007, departed Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for sea trials
26Jun-30Jun2007, sea trials in the EastPac
30Jun2007, pulled into homeport at Naval Station Everett
07Jul2007, departed Everett
flight deck certification and carrier qualifications for FRS
off the coast of Southern California
22Ju-24Jul2007, San Diego
25Jul-16Aug2007, Tailored Ship's Training Availability (TSTA) off the coast of Southern California
17Aug-19Aug2007, Final Evaluation Problem (FEP) off the coast of Southern California
20Aug2007, returned to Everett
20Sep2007, departed Everett
20Sep2007, EastPac
21Sep2007, carrier qualifications for FRS off the coast of Southern California
21Sep-22Sep2007, San Diego
22Sep-28Sep2007, carrier qualifications for FRS off the coast of Southern California
joined other U.S. Navy ships and aircraft parading through San Diego Bay
during the annual Port of San Diego Sea and Air Parade,
which is the flagship event of San Diego's month-long Fleet Week celebration
30Sep-02Oct2007, EastPac
03Oct-05Oct2007, Victoria, British Columbia
06Oct2007, Friends and Family Day Cruise in tne Strait of Juan de Fuca
06Oct2007, returned to Everett
Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) off the coast of Southern California
16Nov2007, completed COMPTUEX
17Nov-18Nov2007, San Diego
19Nov2007, EastPac
20Nov2007, returned to Everett
17Jan2008, departed Everett
17Jan-18Jan2008, EastPac
19Jan-20Jan2008, San Diego
21Jan-22Jan2008, off the coast of Southern California
23Jan2008, Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX) kicked off
23Jan-01Feb2008, JTFEX off the coast of Southern California
04Feb2008, returned to Everett
13Mar2008, departed Everett for a scheduled deployment to the 5th Fleet area of responsibility
13Mar-14Mar2008, EastPac
15Mar-16Mar2008, San Diego
17Mar-21Mar2008, Pac
22Mar-23Mar2008, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
25Mar-08Apr2008, WestPac
09Apr-10Apr2008, Philippine Sea
11Apr-15Apr2008, South China Sea
16Apr-20Apr2008, Changi Naval Base, Singapore
21Apr2008, Strait of Malacca
22Apr-23Apr2008, Indian Ocean
24Apr-27Apr2008, Arabian Sea
28Apr-22May2008, Persian Gulf
23May-26May2008, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
27May-20Jun2008, Persian Gulf
21Jun-24Jun2008, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
25Jun-07Jul2008, Persian Gulf
08Jul2008, Gulf of Oman
09Jul-02Sep2008, North Arabian Sea
03Sep-07Sep2008, Indian Ocean
08Sep-11Sep2008, Gulf of Thailand
12Sep-15Sep2008, Laem Chabang, Thailand
16Sep-29Sep2008, Pac
30Sep-02Oct2008, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
03Oct2008, departed Pearl Harbor with friends and family aboard for a "Tiger Cruise"
03Oct-07Oct2008, Tiger Cruise en route to San Diego
08Oct-09Oct2008, San Diego
09Oct-11Oct2008, Tiger Cruise en route to Everett
12Oct2008, returned to Everett
CVN-72 traveled over 60,000 miles,
and, embarked CVW-2 flew approximately 7,100 sorties
-- including 2,307 combat sorties, providing more than 22,000 flight hours --
and dropped 255,963 pounds of ordnance.

01Dec2008, departed Everett for a scheduled workup, conducting training and carrier qualifications
01Dec-03Dec2008, EastPac
04Dec2008, San Diego
05Dec-16Dec2008, off the coast of Southern California
17Dec2008, returned to Everett
15Jan2009, departed Everett for a scheduled workup off the coast of Southern California
15Jan-19Jan2009, EastPac
20Jan-26Jan2009, San Diego
27Jan-05Feb2009, Sustainment Exercise off the coast of Southern California
06Feb-08Feb2009, San Diego
09Feb-10Feb2009, EastPac
11Feb2009, returned to Everett
30Mar2009, departed Everett
30Mar-01Apr2009, EastPac
02Apr2009, San Diego
03Apr2009, EastPac
04Apr2009, returned to Everett
06Apr2009, departed Everett
off-loaded ordnance in preparation for a scheduled Planned Incremental Period (PIA)
in Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Bremerton, Wa. in the EastPac
Apr2009-Jan2010, Planned Incremental Period (PIA) at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
13Jan2010, departed Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for sea trials
14Jan-16Jan2010, sea trials in the EastPac
16Jan2010, returned to Everett
03Feb2010, departed Everett
03Feb-04Feb2010, EastPac
05Feb-06Feb2010, San Diego
07Feb2010, departed San Diego for flight deck certification with CVW-2
07Feb-16Feb2010, flight deck certification off the coast of Southern California
17Feb-22Feb2010, San Diego
23Feb-01Mar2010, off the coast of Southern California
02Mar-04Mar2010, San Diego
05Mar-10Mar2010, EastPac
11Mar2010, returned to Everett
19Apr2010, departed Everett
19Apr-13May2010, Tailored Ship's Training Availability (TSTA) off the coast of Southern California
14May2010, returned to Everett
17Jul2010, departed Everett for Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX)
17Jul-19Jul2010, EastPac
20Jul-22Jul2010, San Diego
23Jul-12Aug2010, COMPTUEX off the coast of Southern California
13Aug2010, wrapped up COMPTUEX
13Aug-15Aug2010, San Diego
16Aug-17Aug2010, EastPac
18Aug2010, returned to Everett
07Sep2010, departed Everett
07Sep-09Sep2010, EastPac
10Sep2010, San Diego, embarked CVW-2
11Sep-24Sep2010, EastPac
25Sep2010, entered the 7th Fleet Area of Responsibility (AOR)
25Sep-06Oct2010, WestPac
07Oct2010, Strait of Malacca
08Oct-11Oct2010, Port Klang, Malaysia
12Oct-16Oct2010, Indian Ocean
17Oct2010, entered the 5th Fleet area of responsibility (AOR)
17Oct2010, Arabian Sea
18Oct-19Oct2010, North Arabian Sea
20Oct2010, CVW-2 aircraft flew first flights in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
21Oct-02Nov2010, North Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman
03Nov-17Nov2010, Arabian Gulf
18Nov-21Nov2010, Manama, Bahrain
22Nov-22Dec2010, North Arabian Sea
23Dec-26Dec2010, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
27Dec2010-02Feb2011, North Arabian Sea
03Feb2011, CVW-2 aircraft flew last flights in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
04Feb-05Feb2011, North Arabian Sea
09Feb-11Feb2011, Indian Ocean
13Feb2011, Strait of Malacca
14Feb-15Feb2011, WestPac
16Feb-19Feb2011, Singapore
20Feb-09Mar2011, WestPac
10Mar2011, pulled into Pearl Harbor
10Mar-13Mar2011, Pearl Harbor
14Mar-18Mar2011, "Tiger Cruise" in the Pac
19Mar-20Mar2011, San Diego
21Mar-23Mar2011, "Tiger Cruise" in the EastPac
24Mar2011, returned to Everett
27Jun2011, departed Everett
27Jun-24Jul2011, EastPac
25Jul-31Jul2011, Los Angeles for L.A. Navy Week 2011
01Aug-05Aug2011, EastPac
06Aug-08Aug2011, San Diego
09Aug-11Aug2011, EastPac
12Aug2011, returned to Everett
15Sep2011, departed Everett
15Sep-17Sep2011, EastPac
18Sep-19Sep2011, San Diego
20Sep2011, departed San Diego for Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX)
21Sep-14Oct2011, COMPTUEX off the coast of California
15Oct2011, San Diego
16Oct-17Oct2011, EastPac
18Oct2011, returned to Everett
departed Everett for around-the-world cruise, that will take to new homeport in Norfolk,
and is relocating to conduct a scheduled four-year RCOH at Newport News Shipbuilding
07Dec-09Dec2011, EastPac
10Dec2011, San Diego
11Dec-22Dec2011, Pac
23Dec2011, arrived in the 7th Fleet Area of Operations
23Dec2011-02Jan2012, WestPac
03Jan-05Jan2012, South China Sea
06Jan-09Jan2012, Leam Chebang, Thailand
10Jan-12Jan2012, South China Sea
13Jan-14Jan2012, Andaman Sea
16Jan-18Jan2012, Indian Ocean
19Jan2012, arrived in the U.S. 5th Fleet Area of Operations, and relieved JCS CSG
19Jan-21Jan2012, Arabian Sea
22Jan2012, sailed through the Strait of Hormuz into the Persian Gulf
22Jan-31Jan2012, Persian Gulf
01Feb-04Feb2012, Khalifa Bin Salman Port, Bahrain
05Feb-13Feb2012, Persian Gulf
14Feb2012, Strait of Hormuz
15Feb2012, Gulf of Oman
16Feb2012, launched first combat sorties in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
16Feb-11Mar2012, North Arabian Sea
12Mar2012, Strait of Hormuz
13Mar-16Mar2012, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
17Mar-27Mar2012, Persian Gulf
28Mar2012, Gulf of Oman
29Mar-01May2012, North Arabian Sea
02May-05May2012, Khalifa Bin Salman Port, Bahrain
06May-10May2012, Persian Gulf
11May2012, Strait of Hormuz
12May-09Jun2012, North Arabian Sea
10Jun2012, Strait of Hormuz
11Jun-20Jun2012, Persian Gulf
21Jun-24Jun2012, Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
25Jun-28Jun2012, Persian Gulf
29Jun-09Jul2012, North Arabian Sea
09Jul2012, completed final combat flight operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom
10Jul-12Jul2012, Arabian Sea
13Jul-15Jul2012, Red Sea
16Jul2012, transited the Suez Canal, and entered the 6th Fleet AOO
16Jul2012, Med
17Jul-21Jul2012, Antalya, Turkey
22Jul-25Jul2012, Med
26Jul2012, transited the Strait of Gibraltar
26Jul-03Aug2012, Lant
04Aug2012, Mayport
05Aug-06Aug2012, WestLant
07Aug2012, returned to new hormport Norfolk
CVW not assigned
Locations and Remarks
Home Port : Norfolk, Va.
departed Norfolk as a precaution against Hurricane Sandy-related storm conditions
26Oct-31Oct2012, WestLant
01Nov2012, returned to Norfolk
moved to Drydock 11
at Huntington Ingalls Newport News Shipbuilding to Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH)
returned to the water, after entering the dry dock
completed final fast cruise before re-delivery
09May2017, departed Newport News Shipbuilding
09May-11May2017, sea trials
12May2017, returned to Norfolk and redelivered to the fleet
CVW-7 (AG)
Locations and Remarks
Home Port : Norfolk, Va.
01Jun2017, departed Norfolk
CVW-7 carrier qualifications and flight deck certification, off the coast of North Carolina
12Jun2017, returned to Norfolk
30Aug2017, departed Norfolk
FRS carrier qualifications off the coast of Virginia
07Sep2017, returned to Norfolk
08Sep2017, departed Norfolk
Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Response operations in the wake of Hurricane Irma,
off the coast of Florida
15Sep2017, returned to Norfolk
03Oct2017, departed Norfolk
03Oct-06Oct2017, WestLant
07Oct2017, returned to Norfolk
17Oct2017, departed Norfolk
FRS carrier qualifications off the coast of North Carolina,
TRACOM carrier qualifications off the coast of Florida
09Nov2017, returned to Norfolk
07Dec2017, departed Norfolk
FRS carrier qualifications off the coast of North Carolina
14Dec2017, returned to Norfolk